Last week’s game was not a big financial win for me, but I did get into the last two for the second game. Wade and Steve B won the first game, and Eric K won the second game. The worst part was I had to chase Eric down the sidewalk and force him to take an extra $25 bucks. *sigh* He doesn’t come all that often, so he didn’t know that pizza is included in the cut that the house takes for beer and sundries. He paid for the pizza out of his own pocket, and me being a good steward of the T.N.P.A. (Thursday Night Poker Association) I had to insist that the Envelope reimburse him. Of course, it’s not my money, it’s the Envlope’s. (The Envelope is where 10% of the payout goes)

This week was somewhat better financially, and the best night ever socially speaking. Well, except for the night where we got pictures of Ken passed out on the porch. And that other night where we got pictures of Chris C. passed out on the couch. Other than those nights, it was the best social night ever. We had four new people, and two of them may start showing up regularly, we’ll have to see. We finally got Steve J to show up. He’s a school chum of Mike A, John M and mine. He didn’t win, but we’ll all try hard to lose next time. We had two friends from Chris C’s work, and Wade brought his step-Dad. We also got to meet Wade’s Mom when she came by. Wade’s step-Dad is Mike Massey, the world champ of trick pool shots. You can see his picture on his new book. We had 10 people playing at once for a while, which is a lot for us. John won the first game and took home a very nice payout. Second place in the first game was Kitcha (a friend of Chris C’s). It’s good to encourage the new guys. That way they show up again. 😉 I won the second game, and after that John M, and Lisa and I played Omaha (high-only) for $5-$10 bucks each. I made out big with a $30 payout. 😉

For a while we had two Steves, two Mikes and two Chriss at the table. If SB had shown up the Steves would have had an edge on us with three of them. Wish me luck next week! I’ll have to tell more about our adventures in martini mixing. 🙂