What have I been up to lately? I’ve been working late a lot, I seem to have more assignments than I have time to do them. I’ve been discussing this with the boss. I just finished a good book called Souls in the Great Machine, and I can see from my google that he has some sequels for me to add to my reading list. I got my hair cut yesterday at Retreat Salon, but I hear Donna is raising her prices again. I get great scalp massages there! I’m not sure the haircut is worth the price, but so far I’m too lazy to find another haircut that’s “good enough”. I expect I would have to go through a few rounds of trial and error before I find a good haircutter. I’d stylist, but I don’t want you to think I’m unmanly. I’ve been using the new Google RSS feed reader for keeping up to date with Dilbert and my other news sources. It’s pretty good for things that have summaries. But I like Sage better for things that require bringing up the web page a lot. I still have to figure out how I’m going to vote on tuesday, so I have to make time for that today or tomorrow. If you still haven’t played Grow Cube, give it a shot. It’s pretty cool. Hmmm. It seems to be down at the moment, give it a try and see if its up. It’s very clever. My wife used her sister’s old standby costume for Halloween. I always knew she had hockey on the brain, but this is ridiculous.