I’ve made a few non-work-related blog entries in my Sun Microsystems blog, but I’m going to try putting that stuff here instead.

Blogging about work feels too much like work. Even though actual work doesn’t feel that much like work, if you know what I mean. So I’ll try to post more off-the-cuff stuff here.

Lisa and I went to her niece’s birthday party today. It was a hawaiian themed party this time. The car dealer called today, and says he has the car I want (dead link) in the right color (blue with white interior). Ummm, I mean Lakeshore Slate with Stone Leather interior.

He told me it was ‘on sale’ for $2000 off the sticker price. I don’t expect the so-called ‘sale’ to make much difference after I tell him I’m going to subtract the dealer holdback and the marketing support kickbacks from the price anyway. We’ll see how it works out, I’m supposed to go over tomorrow and haggle.