Chris Quenelle is a tools developer at Oracle Corp. He's worked on performance and debugging tools at Sun and Oracle for over 15 years. He reads comic books and science fiction, and has more tivos than he can keep track of.
December 2015
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Update: A newer version of this post (find it here) was recently created. BUY Coreg ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Okay, before I forget, I'm writing it all down. Kjøpe Coreg online, bestill Coreg online, We have to test against all this stuff, and it's becoming more and more convenient to use virtualization as a way to share lab resources, 400mg, 450mg, Canada, mexico, india, so I figured I'd go make sense of all the terminology that's flying around.  I understood 80% of it, but I could never understand all of it at once.  A lot of this was extracted from Wikipedia, comprar en línea Coreg, comprar Coreg baratos. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada, Here are the things that affect my life: Xen, VirtualBox, where can i buy cheapest Coreg online, Coreg 75mg, VMWare, LDOMs, Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California, Purchase Coreg online, Zones, Containers, buy no prescription Coreg online. Coreg 200mg, Hypervisor : Software that emulates a hardware platform, so that Operating Systems can run on top of it, Coreg samples, Coreg 500mg, as if they had hardware to run on.

OS Virtualization: When you have one OS (one kernel) running multiple user-spaces, buy Coreg online cod. Applications think they are on separate machines, BUY Coreg ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Coreg price, There are two kinds of Hypervisors, some run directly on hardware (Type 1), Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, Coreg 150mg, and some run as applications (Type 2).

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  • Hypervisors:

    • Running on hardware - Type 1 Hypervisor

      • Xen: Hypervisor that runs on hardware, supports x86 (aka Sun xVM)

      • LDOMs: Hypervisor that runs on hardware, Coreg 125mg, Coreg 100mg, supports SPARC

    • Running as an application - Type 2 Hypervisor

      • VirtualBox: Hypervisor that runs as an application, supports x86

      • VMWare: Hypervisor that runs as an application, where can i find Coreg online, Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas, supports x86

  • OS Virtualization

    • Solaris Containers/Zones

The terms "zone" and "container" seem to interchangeable. I have not found a source that is both clear and authoritative that can tell me the difference, San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas. Coreg 50mg, Zones are capable of running different versions of Solaris inside one Global OS instance.

There are lots of things I glossed over here, 0.4mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2.5mg, Coreg 5mg, but my goal was keep it short and sweet.


  • You can run a specific old version of Linux inside a Solaris zone.

  • The VMWare company probably supports products on other chips than x86

  • There are lots of differences between the features of Xen and LDOMs that I didn't discuss

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  • Jeff Berkowitz

    Concise and useful. Thanks. Another term that sometimes crops up is the “type 1″ versus “type 2″ hypervisor. As I make it out, “type 1″ is your “hypervisor that runs on the hardware”, and “type 2″ is your “hypervisor that runs as an application”. Correct me if wrong.

  • Chris Quenelle

    Thanks for pointing this out, Jeff! I think the Type 1 and Type 2 terminology is widely used, and it’s important to know if you want to understand what people are talking about. I updated the blog post to include those terms.

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