OpenSolaris Solaris 11 : NWAM messed up my network, how do I fix it?

This post is intended as a “google aid”.  Hopefully by giving this blog post a provocative title, I’ll get the right kind of people reading it.  Specifically, people who are frustrated with NWAM.  NWAM is a Solaris 11 feature, and it stands for “Network Auto-Magic.” I’ve had several run-ins with NWAM over the last year or two, and I finally got pointed at some documentation. I want to pass on the documentation, and I want to help to get this documentation higher in the google rankings when people search for NWAM.

The manual you want to look is has the name: System Administration Guide: Network Interfaces and Network Virtualization.  You can find it here (link).  You can download it in PDF form if you want to, and go straight to the chapter on Network Auto-Magic.  That should help you come up to speed on what it is.

Hopefully I’ll have a chance to post more about my specific problems and solutions, I’m currently trying to get NIS set up to work correctly in client mode.

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4 Responses to “OpenSolaris Solaris 11 : NWAM messed up my network, how do I fix it?”

  1. colin johnston says:

    tried to use nwam on solaris11 express this evening.
    This did not work so tried to disable service and then do ipadm manually, this fails as well.
    Had to reinstall without choosing nwam on text installer and then ipadm static config worked ok

  2. Chris Quenelle says:

    What were you trying to configure, and what went wrong?

  3. Marek Stabrow says:

    My Internet provider controls legitimate access through checking of hardware MAC address of network card. I would like to use alternatively also second computer – portable notebook – with another hardware MAC address. Internet provider assigns constant (nat?!) IP address, not a DHCP one. Linux/Fedora has simple straightforward provision for such MAC address cloning. I have prepared for OpenSolaris two scripts supposedly doing this trick. Listing of both is included below. However I cannot got the network connection. Any help/suggestions?

    The scripts follow:

    #wired-up script
    sudo svcadm disable network/physical:nwam
    cd /etc
    sudo cp -p OK_hostname.rtls0 hostname.rtls0
    sudo cp -p OK_defaultrouter defaultrouter
    sudo cp -p OK_resolv.conf resolv.conf
    cd inet
    sudo cp -p OK_netmasks netmasks
    sudo ifconfig rtls0 ether 00:19:D1:FE:C4:B4
    sudo ifconfig rtls0 netmask
    sudo svcadm enable network/physical:default

    # wired-down script
    sudo svcadm disable network/physical:default
    sudo svcadm enable network/physical:nwam

    Thx for any help

    Marek Stabrow

  4. Chris Quenelle says:

    Sorry, I’ve never used MAC cloning before, so I don’t know what might be going wrong.