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Sun Studio uninstall problems (Sun Studio 12 update 1)

Monday, December 21st, 2009

If you installed the initial release of Sun Studio 12 update 1 (around June of 2009) you might have some problems running the uninstall script that came with it.  Our installer guru came up with a “workaround” script which is now available for download on the Sun Download Center.  You can find a description of the problems and a link to the script on the Sun Studio web site’s Troubleshooting Page.  You may also find it useful to check the Sun Studio 12 update 1 installation guide.  Some of the failure modes may show you errors like this:

The local registry (/root/.nbi/registry.xml) could not be loaded, or was loaded partially.
The installer can continue to work normally, but doing so may result in a corrupted global registry.

As Sun moves towards using the IPS packaging system, we’ll be able to rely more on the packaging tools built in to Solaris, and we won’t have as many issues like these.  I’m looking forward to it.

OpenSolaris build 129 has problems with filemerge fonts

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

I’ve been staying more up-to-date with Solaris dev builds since they started publishing builds nigh-biweekly. That means I get to experience all the joyful brokenness of a system in development.  Build 128 introduced a problem with VNC which can be worked around by disabling the “tight” encoding (bugid 6906660). And Build 129 introduced a problem with filemerge fonts (bugid 6909040).  Both have pretty easy workarounds described in the bug descriptions.  The release notes for opensolaris are not widely redistributed, so if you’re using the dev repository from outside Sun, make sure you’re on the mail alias.